Friday, September 7, 2012

              "Newyorker in Tondo" is a Filipino play by Marcelino Agana, Jr. The story was about a girl named Kikay who went to Newyork and she fell in love with the city. She got all the traits a newyorker should have.. style, manners, language. When she came back to Tondo, her mother, Aling Atang; was carried away by her daughters way of living. Tony, a childhood friend and fiance of Kikay, decides to visit her and brings to her flowers. Tony is secretly engaged to their childhood friend, Nena. Nena also decides to visits kikay and she finds her different and weird. She gets irritated and even imitates Kikays ways. Totoy, the Tondo "canto boy" is their friend who is funny and has a secret love for Nena.  Near the end, the two girls fought and Totoy finally admitted his love for Nena and the secret love of the characters in the story is revealded. And the two pairs end up in each other's arms. Kikay is back to her old self -- simple and kind. Most of all, the Filipino value learned by the protagonist which is "there is no place like home", is a lesson on love of country and its culture.
               The character that I really liked was Totoy because her was always making the play more fun and exciting. He is the reason why most of the students laugh at the play.

               I would really recommend you people to watch the play because it talks about strong culture and love for your country.